The Nurse’s Educational Funds, Inc. (NEF) has one purpose, to provide scholarship assistance to nurses seeking graduate (masters or doctoral) education. NEF is the largest, single, private, professionally endorsed source of funds for advanced study in nursing with over one hundred years of service to the professional nurse.


  • NEF’s Board of Directors is comprised of leaders from nursing, education, business and technology communities.
  • It is a non-profit organization with 501(c) status and all contributions are fully tax-deductible.
  • Members donate their time and talent to the advancement of the nursing profession.
  • The organization operates with exceptionally low overhead and employs only one individual who serves in several capacities.


Contributions to NEF can be directed to any of the already established scholarships and funds or can be used to create a new “named-Permanent” scholarship fund.

Any individual or organization can create and name a permanent scholarship. The scholarship creator can specify the nursing specialty they want the scholarship for; the number of recipients to receive the permanent scholarship annually; and the amount of money to be annually donated for the scholarship.

A permanent “named” scholarship fund is a perpetual scholarship and requires an overall donation of $50,000. It is available to any one individual, group, institution, or organization wishing to create such a fund. The fund can be established with a one-time donation to NEF of $50,000, or it can be created over time as long as donations are so designated and contributed on a regular basis until the requirement is met. Continued contributions provide a solid base for the fund and guarantee its growth and perpetuity. Over time, the principal remains carefully invested and the interest dividend(s) provides the yearly scholarship monies to the selected individuals.

NEF has designated a board member, qualified in financial management, as the NEF Investment Advisor. The NEF Investment Advisor has been granted authority by the NEF Board to manage, advise, and oversee NEF's investments and report on the board's financial investments bi-annually.

The NEF Board of Directors employs a certified public accountant to report on NEF's investments to the full NEF Board of Directors bi-annually.

For those who would like to create a scholarship in the name of a loved one, a special nurse, an organization or institution, please contact NEF to discuss your wishes:

Nurses Educational Funds, Inc.

137 Montague Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 917 524-8051

The NEF Executive Dircetor, Jerelyn Weiss, will arrange a meeting with an NEF Executive Committee Board Member to assist you in creating a permanent scholarship.