Peggy Ann Berry, PhD,RN,COHN-S,CLE,PLNC
Thrive At Life: Working Solutions
NEF Scholar 2011-2012

I am not on the front lines with COVID-19 nor can I render direct patient care. Unfortunately, I have an autoimmune disorder. This has not stopped me from lending my voice In educating the community and nurses.

I have provided community education for Junction Coalition on hand washing and glove removal in this community of color over Zoom. I have written an editorial on keeping the water on in these underserved communities of color and low income, as well as written about the immediate public health need for lead pipe removal and installation of lead- free pipes affecting these communities, stressing reasonable programs for community payment for these necessary changes.

I have answered questions on N95 masks vs. cloth or surgical masks and the differences. And, I have repeatedly posted about employee (nurse) safety guidelines for nurses when they are caring for COVID-19 patients. I wrote a blog on nurses' rights on LinkedIn, Twitter, and FaceBook.

When leading a webinar on workplace bullying, for the Ohio Nurses Association this month, I spoke directly to nurses being told to care for COVID-19 patients without the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) regarding the OSHA General Duty Clause and their right to refuse to provide care without appropriate PPE. Nurses must be protected to continue to protect and provide safe care for their patients.