Mabel Ezeonwu

My life has been tied around the University of Washington where I started my undergraduate nursing degree, and now pursuing my PhD. The great mentorship and support I receive from the best of the world's innovative faculty have catapulted my academic confidence and helped me to maintain my focus on my professional goal.

The issues of socio-economic and health inequity are not just evident within the western world but alarming in a global context in the current face of globalization. The enormous health challenges confronting people in less privileged societies make it imperative for effective policy strategies that address human sufferings and promote health. My research interests revolve around the relationship between "poverty net" and the policy domains that will impact women's health outcomes. The under representation of developing countries within the decision-making international agencies and organizations reflect the poor priorities accorded to women's health in these countries, including my native country of Nigeria. I hope to use my diverse background, unique perspectives and experiences to impact policy decisions that would improve the health of marginalized populations at a global level.