Kathleen Dermady

Lillian Heimenz Scholarship winner Kathleen Dermady provides midwifery services to women in an academic prenatal center and has a special interest in caring for women challenged with diabetes in pregnancy. She began her nursing studies at the University of Southern Maine and continued her education for her masters at Syracuse University. Now Ms. Dermady is pursuing her doctorate at the State University of New York (SUNY), at Stony Brook. She is presently involved in developing improved care standards and guidelines for the SUNY Upstate Medical University prenatal care delivery system for high-risk women with diabetes in pregnancy. She has been involved with the American Association of Certified Nurse Midwifes (AACNM) as a chapter chair for many years and was a founding and now a current board member for the New York State Association of Licensed Midwifes, NYSALM. Ms. Dermady is actively involved with Syracuse University Faculty and other research nurses, who have developed a multidisciplinary research group to mentor each other while developing collaborative OB/GYN clinical research.