Cigy Methratta

Recipient of a NEF Scholarship, is pursuing her Master of Science Degree in Family Health Nursing from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. She obtained her undergraduate degree from All Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. After moving to the United States, Cigy worked as a registered nurse in various clinical care settings. Currently she is working in the medical-surgical unit of a community hospital in Massachusetts, caring for adult and geriatric patients. With the understanding that nurse practitioners have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of the health care delivery system, Cigy plans to become a certified family nurse practitioner (FNP). Her goal is to increase accessibility to health care by providing wellness care to individuals throughout their life span. After becoming a FNP, she would like to join a family practice focusing on health promotion, health maintenance, disease prevention, and risk reduction. Her long- term goal is to obtain a doctorate in nursing practice to improve patient outcomes and to be equipped for future health care challenges. By committing to continuous learning, she envisions herself making positive changes in the health care arena.