Courtney Pullen

Recipient of the Isabel McIsaac Memorial Scholarship, is a MSN canidate, pursuing a Fmily Nurse Practitioner specialty at Seattle Pacific University. Courtney has worked as a critical care nurse at University of Washington Medical Center for more than five years, co-leading a multi-disciplinary end-of-life program, publishing educational materials and acting as a preceptor in the ICU. On a volunteer basis, she and the palliative care team developed a program to deliver hand-crafted quilts to patients and families in the four ICUs at UWMC. Out of her love for teaching and mentorship, Courtney has co-led the ICU Comfort Care Program at UWMC, which includes 8-hour bi-annual classes on end-of-life care; 2-hour presentations to new nurses ; and 4-hour education courses on ethics in the ICU. In the future, Courtney plans to pursue a DNP degree with the ultimate goal of serving as a nurse leader at the national level. She believes nurses should be leaders in research and in the development of innovative and evidence-based patient care policies and protocols. During her DNP education she would like to further examine the integration of early palliative care in the critical care setting and the quantitative and qualitative effects on code status and end-of-life decision-making.