Naresa Baksh

Naresa Baksh is the recipient of the Laura D. Smith National Student Nurses' Association Scholarship. Naresa received her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Hunter College in New York City. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science degree at Pace University’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program. Naresa began her nursing career at Mount Sinai Hospital, where she has experience working in medical-surgical nursing and oncology. She currently works on a cardiac step-down unit. She also spent two years teaching a monthly workshop on Culturally Competent Nursing Care at Mount Sinai. The workshop educated healthcare professionals on how to appropriately care for diverse patient populations.

Her interest in the nursing profession started in high school, as a result of her experience with the unexpected illness of a family member. During that time, the exceptional nurses she met inspired her to pursue a career in nursing. Specifically with a focus on health promotion and prevention, she strives to help her patients have healthier lifestyles. She is a firm believer in educating patients on how to be active participants in their health and personalizing care based on patient’s individual cultural needs.

This summer Naresa plans to volunteer at a local health fair where she can interact with the community and address the issues most relevant for the local patient population. She will also be volunteering with charitable organizations focusing on providing access to healthcare and prevention education. After graduation, she plans on working as a primary care provider in a community clinic providing access to underserved populations in New York City.