Hillary Hoskins

Awarded the 2019 Liesel M. Hiemenz Scholarship, Hillary Hoskins is a Certified Nurse Midwife currently practicing as a Registered Nurse in Michigan. She holds a BSN from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and is currently a full time DNP-FNP student at The University of Michigan. The DNP program at The University of Michigan was her choice because it offered a dual degree program in Midwifery and Family Practice. Hillary is passionate about continuity of care and recognizes the possibility of providing her patients safe and individualized care through the dual certification.

Hillary currently practices in the specialty of pediatrics while she completes her DNP. Her passion for women’s health and pediatric care led her to pursue a discipline in which she could care for both populations. Her DNP project is focused on interdisciplinary education as well as prevention and recognition of obstetric emergencies, specifically postpartum hemorrhage. Hillary plans to research effective educational methods and explore barriers surrounding implementation. Recognizing the many complexities of large healthcare institutions, it is Hillary’s hope to better understand those complexities and help develop standardized education to decrease maternal morbidity and mortality.

As she continues her professional career as a doctoral prepared nurse leader and clinician, Hillary’s focus will be on women’s healthcare and nursing development. She is eager to provide encouragement and edification to women in hopes to help them make educated healthcare decisions. Hillary has a passion for learning and hopes to work as an instructor in some capacity in the future. In a recent trip to Uganda, Africa, Hillary provided Midwifery care in rural villages and hopes to continue to provide global health care after she graduates.