PHOTO: Madeleine S. Sugimoto, MEd, MA, RN

Madeleine S. Sugimoto [ MEd, MA, RN ]

One of Nurses Educational Funds, Inc. Board of Directors’ longstanding members, Madeleine has served for many years as the chair and then co chair of the Criteria & Eligibility Committee. Ms Sugimoto’s nursing career has taken her from bedside nurse to head nurse at The New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center; instructor to assistant professor at Cornell University – The New York Hospital School of Nursing; assistant professor at Skidmore College – Department of Nursing; back to the New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center were she was instructor in the School of Continuing Education, Coordinator of Educational Activities, Coordinator of Nursing Education, and Coordinator of Alternate Level of Care Patients in an over 1,000 bed academic center.

Throughout her nursing career, Ms Sugimoto has focused on policy development, hospital quality compliance, and patient and nursing education. Other notable accomplishments include: creating and editing the Cornell Medical Center’s Department of Medical Nursing’s Newsletter as well as being selected as an NCLEX-RN itme reviewer for the National council of State Boards of Nursing.

She is currently a member of the New York Hospital School of Nursing alumni Association, sigma theta Tau International Nursing Honor society, and Teachers college Columbia University Nursing Education Alumni Association. Her community service includes membership in the New York State/New York City Asian American Community Mental Health, Advisory Committee, Japanese Unit and the position of Volunteer Coordinator in the Selection Committee of the Justin Haruyama Ministerial Scholarship Fund.

Madeleine was on the Tony Guida's CUNY Network New York Show on March 2, 2016 discussing her experiences as a very young child living in the Japanese Internment Camps, during World War II. The segment can be watched online now: