PHOTO: Amy Goh

Amy Goh

Amy Goh is the recipient of the Miriam M. Powell Scholarship Award. She is a 2nd year PhD student at Boston College. Amy is a nurse-midwife who completed her BSN at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and her Midwifery and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner MSN at the University of Pennsylvania. As a child of immigrants, working towards birth equity for immigrant communities and communities of color has been her passion. Amy has worked as a midwife for the past decade in a variety of settings, including an urban birth center and large academic teaching hospitals in Boston.

Before her midwifery career, Amy worked to improve and better understand the complexities of health and rights in global communities. After her stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cape Verde, she completed her MPhil thesis in International Development on the politics of pregnancy in Brazil. Her subsequent international work exposed her to the reality of perinatal health globally. After observing her first birth, where an incredible midwife in Ethiopia provided excellent care for a birthing person, she was inspired to become a midwife.

For the past four years, Amy has also worked as a digital health coach for Ovia Health. Her experiences as a midwife and as a digital health coach has led her to undertake her PhD. Her research will examine patient-provider communication and patient portal usage in pregnant people of color. After graduating with her PhD, Amy hopes to be a teacher for a midwifery program that will help increase access to midwifery education and care to improve birth outcomes for birthing people of color. She hopes to continue her research to help bridge the digital divide in pregnancy.

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