PHOTO: Calli Cook

Calli Cook

Calli Cook awarded the Eleanor C. Lambertsen Scholarship is an Advanced Practice Registered Nursing practicing in Georgia. She holds a BSN from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, a MSN from Emory University, and is currently a DNP student at The Ohio State University.

Calli is certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner and her experience over the last seven years as an FNP has been in urgent care and in neurology. The management of headache syndromes, stroke, and neurological immunologic issues has been her clinical concentration along with improving quality measures in neurology while working in both inpatient and outpatient settings

Ms Cook was appointed to the American Academy of Neurology’s Headache Quality Measures work group and she plans to continue to work on improving neurological health care quality while obtaining her DNP. Calli’s DNP project is focused on reducing unnecessary neuroimaging in patients with uncomplicated headache.

Her involvement in improving the quality of health care propelled her to become a national leader in how Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) can improve quality within large healthcare organizations. Calli currently serves as the Chair of the Consortium of Neurology Advanced Practice Providers within the American Academy of Neurology. Her top objective while serving in this role is to improve professional development and education of neurology APPs and identify efficient practice models for the best utilization of the APP workforce. Calli also has a broad understanding of organizational systems, as she recently served as President of the APP council (APPC) at Emory Healthcare. During her tenure in this position the APPC focused on projects such as improving the usability of the electronic health record for APPs and identifying gaps in APP on-boarding and education. Calli’s keen attention to the utilization of APPs and improvement of quality metrics demonstrates her passion for improving the quality of care American’s receive.

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