PHOTO: Carolyn Levy

Carolyn Levy

Carolyn Levy is a 2019-2020 recipient of the “Nurses’ Educational Fund Inc. Scholarship”. She is a nurse, student, veteran, small business owner, and volunteer with a passion for lifelong learning. As a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) student at Stonybrook University, she has received honors from both “Salute Veterans” and “Sigma Theta Tau International” honors societies. She earned a bachelor's of nursing from Southern Connecticut State University, deciding to become a nurse to fulfill her lifelong desire to help others. Before higher education, Carolyn served in the United States Coast Guard, joining to protect our country immediately after 9/11/01.

While busy attending graduate school and raising her two boys, Carolyn works as a school nurse and runs a small business offering health consultation and health education services to local childcare programs; a much needed service in her community. Additionally, she is an avid volunteer, participating in a variety of health promotion projects including “Stop The Bleed”, “Hands Only CPR” and has been a long time volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

In her 13 years of nursing, Carolyn has chosen to work exclusively with women, children and families. She sees her work as fuel for a passion to help children and families. Carolyn is a lifelong learner, always seeking new opportunities, earning certifications in lactation, medication administration for daycares, CPR/ first aid instruction, and childbirth education. She decided to become a pediatric nurse practitioner to further contribute to the health of children and families in her community.

After graduation in May, 2020, Carolyn plans to work in a pediatric primary care setting and aspires to earn her DNP thereafter. She has recently become involved in initiatives to combat child sex trafficking and is planning to travel to South America for a medical mission next year. She is interested in becoming more involved in health advocacy at a national level and is exploring opportunities through The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. As someone who believes in giving back, she will always continue to seek opportunities to mentor new and aspiring nurses.

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